Monday, August 6, 2012

the start of an amazing story....

i am sooooo excited to be sharing this post with you all.
what i thought was a once in a lifetime crazy miracle is happening again in my family :)

i'd like to think that it kind of began with neiko (although i should really double check on that one).
when i got the call about baby neiko needing a home the third person i called was my sister. :)
and right away she told me that if for any reason it wouldn't work out for us to take him that they would be willing to help :)

which got them really thinking on this matter. they talked about it a lot and from there they decided to start the process of getting their foster licence.
they were feeling that God was telling them that their family wasn't complete. they have 3 girls- ages 6,5,and almost 4- but there are so many children out there who need a family- and they were willing and ready to add on :)

and then during this last year they put their house up for sale, sold it, remodeled and moved into a temporary home, and are drawing up plans to build on the property they are living on.
and all that craziness has kept them from being able to finish their foster licencing as they needed to be living in a permanent residence.

so that means during this year i have listened my sister wonder aloud at what God could have in store, and heard her sadness over not being able to take in any children until her house is built.

until thursday......

my mom got a call about a pregnant girl wanting to give her baby up for adoption. she was called on thursday and told that the baby is due on tuesday.
they needed a christian home. and ASAP.

my sister and her husband said YES without a moment's hesitation. and the birth mother said she would like to meet them.

dave and i and our kids prayed for them yesterday as they met with this girl.
and it went perfect!
she is giving them her baby boy!!
he's due tomorrow!!!!!!

and he happens to be biracial :) which just really warms my heart :)
i'm so happy for neiko that he will have a cousin who is "brown" (as all the cousins call him)
like him!

so now my sister is in a whirlwind that i am very familiar with :)

birth mom had a sono today and baby is measuring 9lb 4 oz.
a big boy!!
everything looks great though and she is scheduled to be induced on thursday!

my sister went shopping today for all new everything for a boy :) soooo fun! :)
and of course i drug my kids to a store today too to buy him a few things that he will probably already be too big for :)
i didn't get the 9lb 4 oz memo until it was a little too late :)

and she is making calls to our lawyer and our caseworker.
THAT part is the worst of it but God is in control! it is HIS work and HE is faithful to complete it!

i could NOT be more thrilled!!
HE is SO GOOD!!!
His work is astounding and His WORD is so true!!
HE truly does and is soooo much more than we could ask or imagine!!!

please pray for birth mom, baby, amy and jared, and their 3 girls.....

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