Friday, August 3, 2012

i read online that the cure for green pool hair is ketchup. so we gave it a try.
tekoa's hair was a shade of green that i have never seen before. it seriously looked like i had put green highlights in it.....
but no longer!
the ketchup worked great!!!

while i was ketchupping tekoa, neiko kept asking, "ketchup too? ketchup too?"
and wren was saying, "i don't want to do the ketchup hair, mom."
but she was green too so she had to do the ketchup hair. :)

we all laughed quite a bit during that ordeal :)
but the girls' hair looked so pretty and blond that night- with just a faint ketchup smell to it....

here are some already pretty outdated pics from when we kept my nieces :)

gotta love the leotards! especially on emma and neiko!! :)
when i held the blue sparkly one up for neiko he whispered, "oh my."
he thought it was beautiful :)

thanks to my family we managed just fine at church with 7 :)

here is tekoa in one of her special outfits. she pretty much always looks like this.
and she can't understand why i don't want her to wear tights and leotards to bed.
but she really doesn't wake up too often to use the bathroom in the middle of the night so i've been giving in on that one.....

and a note i found in shaeya's journal. she would KILL me if she knew i read it and posted it, but i thought it was really cute :)

my kids are always trying to tell me that grandma is the boss of me so if she wants them to go to the lake then they have to go.
they'll try anything to get what they want, won't they?? :)

wren's hair is finally getting under control. i think this was the first day of her life that her hair actually looked cute, so i snapped a pic :)
she's looking waaaaaaay too grown up!!!!

neiko on the other hand.....
i know i need to cut it but i just don't want to!

he came in from outside looking like this one day and i had a good laugh. i'm sure my other kids thoroughly enjoyed holding him in one place and covering him in hand prints.

they mix sidewalk chalk with water and come up with all kinds of ways to paint things :)

last thursday all the lighthouse families spent the morning cleaning the's all clean and ready.
but i'm not ready!!!
i'm kind of in denial. even though we had parent orientation, and tekoa had her kindergarten physical, and there is only 14 days left of summer..... :(

neiko's birthday.....he's 2 now!

and here's what the kitchen looked like the morning after neiko's birthday.....
just the sign of a good time, right?

and shaeya and her friend sarah making lunch for us all that day to take to the pool :)

i have to apologize to my blog readers because i'm fully aware that the quality of my blog this summer has been pretty bad.
i used to do such a better job at capturing the funny stories and everyday chaos, and now i'm just scraping by.
i'm hoping once school starts i can put a little more effort into it!!

i'm thinking with 3 in school i will have time for all kinds of extra things like planning meals, grocery shopping, cleaning, decorating, and sleeping.....

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