Saturday, August 11, 2012

crazy wren...

we had some good cousin time last week when all of dave's family came home for mom n dad's 40th anniversary :)

koa playing by the lake at grandma k's after her doctor appointment.
i love the band aids and the muddy feet :)

on sunday we had a going away party/picnic for my aunt and uncle who live in haiti-

shaeya's vaulting team performed for us that night :)

then on monday disaster struck......
tyden had been mentioning that his head was itchy for a few days. i didn't think anything of it until we were getting ready to go for a walk on monday night.
the kids were jumping on their bikes, and tyden said he couldn't wear his helmet cause then he couldn't scratch his head.....
so we knew something was up.
we checked his head and found LICE.
and then shaeya said, "well my head has been itching too."
and sure enough she had some too.

we were so overwhelmed!!!!

i left to go spend our life savings on lice treatment while dave started taking all the bedding, pillows, and stuffed animals off all the beds in the house and piling them out on the back patio.

when i got back we stripped all the kids down on the driveway and started in on treating all 5 heads.
but the kids thought it was hilarious :) i kept telling them to sit down and be quiet cause i really didn't want to draw any attention to what we were doing.....

sigh......between that night and the next day we treated 7 heads, washed about 20 loads of laundry, vacuumed mattresses, took a shop vac to the couches, cleaned out and vacuumed the van, sprayed a lice spray on everything, and put all the beds back together.

this was not even half-

i was seriously exhausted. and maybe even a little cranky.
and then crankier yet when i woke up the next morning and 2 kids had wet the bed.
and wren's pull up had leaked. and then neiko pooped his pants. and threw his sippy cup of juice across the table and it exploded. and then i found banana smeared all over the couch and someone spilled a bag of cereal....
SO MUCH cleaning and bathing and laundry!!!!!!

but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right????

and WHY does my head keep itching?????? i KNOW i don't have lice but it's just itching!!!!!!

and then that afternoon i had a doctor appointment.
i have a milk duct in my chest that has been causing problems. i had some tests done last month and they found 2 growths in the duct that could be cancerous or could become cancerous and so the whole duct has to go.

so on top of recovering from lice and bed wetting that day i was also scheduling surgery for the end of september. :(

and later that night tyden had his first soccer meet.
i took him there to have "try outs" and then be placed on a team. he LOVED it. they got to play for fun for awhile.

and i was just trying to keep my eyes open.....

wednesday we spent the day and evening at the lake. it was rainy and cool but i was thankful for a little down time.

and then thursday i got a babysitter so i could go be with my sister at the hospital.
her baby was coming!!!!!
we spent most of the day just waiting. anxiously waiting. :)

and then sweet little treyven craig was born around 5pm.
9lb 2oz.
he is beautiful!!!!!!

everyone is already in love!!!!

especially his 3 big sisters!!! :)

and speaking of those sisters, they stayed with us last night.
things went pretty smoothly yesterday apart from tekoa having a little gum/hair incident.

but the real fun came at 4:45 this morning when our fire alarm went off.
it was SO LOUD. and it has this voice with it that says, "FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!"

dave and i FLEW out of bed, and my first thought was that there were SO MANY kids to get out of the house!!!
but as we ran from room to room we realized there was no fire. just 7 crying children (seven because wren was sleeping i our closet and she slept through it all :)

dave disabled the alarm and we calmed everyone down, checked over the entire house, and then went back to bed.
and of course just as my heart rate was coming down the alarm went off again.

and all the kids came running and piled on top of me on the couch.

dave got it quiet and we started taking kids back to bed and it went off a third time. lots of tears.
so then he went around pulling every fire detector off of the ceilings :)
and after that we finally got to get back to sleep.

the kids are still talking about it all. it was quite traumatic, i guess.

but baby trey is coming home today and i can't wait to love on him :)
what a miracle!!!!

and they are all miracles, right?
beautiful little disgusting lice infested pants peeing mess making miracles :)


  1. wow... Im emotionally depleted just reading this.. so many emotions: fun, grossed out, work/exhaustion, scared, nurturing..

  2. i'm so glad i'm outta that stage! (you knew this comment was coming right?)

    ~fav. aunt rach