Sunday, October 2, 2011


We went through a few frustrating days after our inspection on Wednesday- the inspector left Dave with a loooong list of things that needed to be done before we could get our temporary certificate of occupancy.

My plan was to use Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night to move our clothes, dresser drawers, kitchen stuff, and food. But when we got that impossibly long list we decided I better just stay home with the kids those nights to allow Dave to get as much done as possible. It was pretty frustrating. I was so stir crazy at home, trying to stay positive and keep packing not knowing if we would get to move this weekend or not. And Dave was working crazy hours on that list. One of those nights he crawled in bed at 2am.......

But he finished everything, we had a second inspection on Friday, and we PASSED.
We were so relieved and excited, and then trying to round up some last minute help for the move the next day.

From there everything went pretty smoothly. We got our stuff moved, cleaned my parent's house, set up beds, and started in on organizing.
And we are still organizing.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who helped us and who watched our kids!!

We feel so blessed and happy and relieved to finally be together and in our new home!!!!!

We have what seems like endless amounts of trimming, painting, and organizing ahead of us. And we have only 1 fully functioning bathroom- 2 of them do not even have counter tops or sinks. Also our living room is decorated with a huge pile of trim.
But none of that matters at all to us at this point- we are just so happy to be living here.
With 2 parents for the kids, only 1 house to take care of, and no more showings!! :)

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