Thursday, October 6, 2011

I have to mention that in the midst of our chaos my little (former) baby has been growing up. she is just another one of the kids now and does everything they do. and she says everything they say.

some of my favorites-

"wait a minute!"
"one more time!"
"i've got a better idea"
"can I go too?? oh, I'm too little....."
"stop saying that, neiko, that's annoying!!"
"stop singing! you're hurting my ears!!
of course, she never says that last phrase to ME. ok, yes she does. all the time. :)

She informs me every night that she doesn't like her new bed. Except it sounds more like this- "I don't like dis bed. I don wanna pleep in dis bed. I wanna pleep in foa's bed."

But koa's bed is a bunk bed with Shaeya sleeping on top. And koa still bangs her head. So far Shaeya is so happy to be sleeping on the top bunk that she hasn't complained too much....

So here is a small glimpse into the first week at our new house-

We have no washer and dryer yet. 5 kids plus a week with no washer and dryer.....
and we had a flu bug run through 4 of the kids this week. But thankfully only 1 of them puked.

And then there is neiko. Our move triggered some kind of something with him. He has been truly terrible. Defiant and stubborn, throwing lots of tantrums and throwing food. Pushing every boundary, getting into EVERYTHING, and constantly letting himself out the doors. He is doing something bad every minute.
I had to set up a "time out" pack n play in the living room to deal with some of these behaviors.

But at the end of everyday I sit down with him in the rocking chair in his room with his favorite blanket and some warm milk. And he lays his head on my chest, and I sing to him while I rub his back and his head. And somehow I know my sweet boy is still there. He is crying out for love and consistency and I'm doing my best to give it to him.
He is just trying to deal with another life change and with a busy mommy.

And I will not be this busy for too much longer. I went from cleaning and unpacking to trying to get organized and set up for a garage sale. The neighborhood sale is on saturday and I decided that it would be worth it to join in. The timing is sorta bad but also good.

Otherwise, we made progress with the bathrooms this week, i got the kitchen and our closets organized, the washer and dryer are coming tomorrow, and then after the sale on Saturday the big garage might actually be empty enough for one of us to park in.

Sooooo next week should be better. I'm not saying that this week was bad, I'm just saying that next week will be better......:)

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