Monday, September 26, 2011

i just have to say that it is pretty pathetic how far back these pictures go.
i laughed when i saw i had never even posted our "first day of school" pictures.

the smile that stops my heart.....
he is so beautiful.

these next 2 pictures do not at all capture what grocery shopping is really like with these two. :)

a normal day at the grocery store gets us a lot of attention.
a little more than i would prefer.

here is tekoa doing what she does best....

tomorrow is "bring a friend day" at gymnastics and tekoa is bringing shaeya :) they have been planning for and dreaming of this day for a week. they are both very excited. so cute :)

at least my delay in posting pictures gives us a little glimpse back into summer.....sigh.......

i'd like to be able to say that neiko had enjoyed some candy or cake or something in these next pictures.....

but it was sidewalk chalk......
gives me chills just thinking about him putting chalk in his mouth.

and we had tyden's birthday earlier this month.
in honor of his 10th my brother allowed him just this once to fish off a dock at the lake that is designated for fish feeding only. he had the time of his life.

and finally, house pics.
our final inspection is on wednesday at 2pm and we are so anxious to find out if we can move this weekend.
we are still minus some countertops, mirrors, and a lot of trim, but as far as we know we should be able to move in.

16 months of being apart almost every night might be over in 5 days!!!!!!!!

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