Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a few pics from right before the move....

everybody's first night in their new beds-

making progress in the bathrooms. in fact, this picture is already outdated cause i totally have running water in my bathroom now :)

we lived with our tub in our room for the first week. now the room feels a bit empty without it.....

exploring our new backyard-

gave neiko a piece of cake. he used his hair to clean his hands :)

these last 4 pictures were for neiko's birthmom. i wanted to show her his new room-

he loooooves playing out on the patio. he loves being outside in general, so much so that he lets himself out the doors all the time. gotta always keep my eye on this one.....he is TROUBLE! :)

so our second week in our house turned out to be just as busy as the first. the first garage sale did not go well, so i advertised on my own and had it again the next saturday.

also i spent 2 days cleaning a house for dave.

so with making signs for the sale, lining up sitters so i could clean all day, coming home and cleaning all evening, having the sale, hosting a girls night, and helping our good friends move it was another crazy week.

and this week is the school's big fundraiser, which is put on by us school moms, so that tells you what THIS week is like......

on saturday we leave for gulf shores, alabama to put all this craziness behind us.
soooo ready to spend a week on the beach with dave and the kids and some of our family and friends.
no school schedules or house stuff or ANYTHING to stress about.
.........unless you count packing for 7 and a 14 hour car ride with the kids. :)

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