Wednesday, May 11, 2011

how's this for details, aunt rachel??

neiko has finally learned to love the sling....a MUST in this family :)

hammocks are nice too....

cousins :)
they all love him......a little too much sometimes :)
tess asked amy the other day, "what's the baby brother's name again??"
so cute.

he's not so sure about grass....

only 3 school days left for tekoa. she is counting down.
she has show n tell tomorrow and she is bringing a toad. i sure hope her teachers won't mind....
i found this same toad hopping around in my bathroom last night- i'm SURE she will keep a close eye on it at school.

a few other updates:

mother's day was wonderful.
the day started with dave and i picking up tyden and shaeya from my sister and then rushing to church and then shaving off tyden's mohawk in the church parking lot before we went in :)
but after that, we skipped out on everything that was going on that day and just stayed home. we had a picnic, jumped on the trampoline, sat on the dock and put our feet in the water, went for a walk, played on the playground.....wonderful.

neiko finally has a doctor appointment set up. he goes on friday, and hopefully all is well.

also, the drywall is being hung at the new house!!!
SO exciting. it already looks so different.
should be finished by the end of next week.
and the brick and stone should be finished by the end of this week.
the kids and i went out last night to help clean but i forgot to take pictures.

dave and i were a little frustrated last night at a few dents and scratches on things from the drywallers. the front door has a big dent and some of the fascia has to be taken down and replaced, and worst of all- my baby gate play yard was broken. must have gotten stepped on or something.
as i was getting ready to head home i told dave, "you know, all of these things are just things. they are all going to be dented and broken eventually anyway. and it works out better when our kids aren't the first ones to do it....."
and dave said, "yea, i guess. and dents just add character, right?"
then i kissed him good-bye and drove off.
drove to a gas station and as i was backing out of the parking lot i backed the van right into a cement post.....
and now our van has character.
my phone call to dave went something like this,"sooo.....remember that speech i just gave about things being just things??......"

and speaking of's a video of tekoa dancing at mom's night at her school.
she makes me laugh.

and here's one of wren and neiko....they are getting along much better :)

and okay, one last video-
a sign that maybe, just maybe, i take too many pictures of my kids....

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