Thursday, February 17, 2011

unfortunately i made a very impulsive decision on valentine's day that i have lived to regret. after the volleyball games with my family i decided since it was a holiday and all that i should treat myself to a movie. so i watched one online which i have never done before and right as the movie ended i was informed that i had used up my internet allowance for the month.
i didn't even know i HAD a monthly allowance. but apparently i do and it is all used up.

so i'm without internet at home which is extremely frustrating because i am in the middle of shopping for appliances and hardwood and a gymnastics mat for tekoa's birthday. not to mention the blog and the constant e-mails dave and i send each other to stay connected.

i'm at my mom's right now with my sisters and their kids and a few extras since tonight is our annual "little girl's slumber party," so i'm going to try to fire this out quickly.

i'm feeling very encouraged the last few days with the progress we've made on the house. getting closer to drywall everyday and starting to get things straightened out with cabinets, appliances, and hardwood. it will be a HUGE relief when we finalize those 3 decisions.
yesterday i spent the whole day there cleaning and cutting boards for dave. it felt so good to be able to help him a little.

we had a birthday party for little drake the other night at our house. lots of fun and lots of chaos.
the next morning my kids were playing with a leftover balloon. tyden and shaeya had taped a note to the balloon and asked if they could go outside and let it go for someone else to find. i told them to let wren and tekoa play with it for a couple days and then we could let it go.
as i was fighting the big balloon on my way out the door, i took a quick look at the note they had attached.
it said, "READ THE BIBLE."
so cute....

and then as i climbed into the van to take all the kids to school i noticed that tekoa had her treat bag from the party in her hands. i looked back at her and she quickly said, "there's a sign at my preschool that says, 'candy is allowed.'"
still have some work to do with that one....

and while we're on the subject of tekoa......she is SO EXCITED to turn 4. she just really wants to be bigger.
"how old do i have to be before i'm big, mom? like 14? then will i be big??"
"am i bigger today, mom?"
"4 year olds are bigger than 3 year olds, right?"

i keep trying to tell her that it is much more fun to be little than it is to be big.....

we got a call this morning to let us know that dave's grandma passed away.
we knew it was coming, but it is still sad to say good-bye. we loved grandma meiss very much and will always treasure our memories of her. we had lots of "sunday dinners" together and last sunday we went to visit her for the last time. she did not wake up while we were there but we sang to her and said good-bye.

we are waiting for details on the visitation and funeral.

don't know when i will make it back here to blog again but i do have some house pictures and i'm sure i will have some great slumber party pictures- and stories :)

should be a fun night :)
shaeya keeps asking if they can stay up LATE.
"can we stay up late, mom? like 8 o'clock?"
"we can???? YES!!!"

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