Friday, February 25, 2011

the first picture from the slumber party.....

and then the rest-

the party went GREAT. every year it gets easier and easier- a very good group of girls.
i love each one so much and am already thankful for the role they play in my girls' lives :)

and here are the house pictures i promised-

back at my mom's this morning with 2 little girls on my lap. one of whom has been crying all week and challenging my authority and one who has been asking me hundreds of questions regarding getting bigger and grandma meiss.

after the visitation tekoa wanted to know all about heaven and where grandma's heart is and where her body is.....i thought we had it all straightened out until later that night. we got a call from destiny (my goddaughter) and tekoa was taking a turn talking to her and said, "well, we went to heaven tonight to say good-bye to grandma meiss....."

and she is still telling me everyday that she doesn't want to be a kid anymore. she just wants to be big. don't quite know how to get her to let go of that one.....

wren has an ear infection and is not herself. she's been crying a lot and getting into a lot of trouble.
apparently she has discovered the spot where i keep the dishwasher detergent cubes because i keep finding clusters of them in drawers or sacks or toy bins.

my parents watched her the other night for me during team kids and they found one in the bottom of her footed pajamas- along with a little toy horse....
i do watch her. seriously, i do....

and the other day shaeya was in the shower with her clothes laid out on the floor (i cannot convince my kids that the bathroom floor is not the best place to lay anything.)
wren was in and out of the bathroom, and when shaeya finished she yelled out, "MOM!! WHERE'S MY SHIRT??"
long story short, we could NOT find the shirt. we looked everywhere. wren's cupboard, the toy boxes, laundry room....
and it was the only shirt shaeya could possibly consider wearing. you know how it is.....

the next day we were eating lunch and suddenly wren climbed down from her chair, walked over to the heating vent on the floor by the front door, lifted the top off, and pulled out the shirt. she walked over to us and said, "here."
we all had a good laugh....

i realize that the 2 littlest get a lot of the blog spotlight. i need to add a bit more of tyden and shaeya.
they are just so easy and good that they get looked over quite a bit in the midst of the chaos of the other 2. but i love their hearts, i love their stories, i love the dynamic between the 2 of them.
tyden would be lost without shaeya. she tells him what to say, do, and think. and he goes right along with it. (he will make a great husband someday, right??)
the other day dave and i overheard her telling him, "tyden, how many times do i have to tell you that you have to keep better track of things in your brain."

they have shared a room since they were 2 and 4, and they will be separating when we move to the new house. shaeya is fine with it but tyden is not so sure. he gets scared at night and he HATES to be alone (wonder where he gets that??) but it is time. he will be 10 this year and needs to learn not to depend on his little sister for everything.

i wish i had more time to spend with just those 2. and i've been feeling the need to talk with shaeya about her faith and find out what she's thinking and feeling in that area, but it's surprisingly hard to catch her alone.
gotta work on that cause i'm sure it only gets harder....

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