Tuesday, October 12, 2010

we are relieved and excited after our long day of setting trusses on saturday.
everything went really well and we had lots of help.

even my dad came out to help....

all right, he worked really hard even though he has a bad knee and it was really hurting him.
we couldn't have done it without him.

and this was my station right here. i had guys yelling out measurements to me and i would run all over the house looking for the right kind of lumber. i would measure and cut, then climb all around the trusses to try to get the pieces to them.
i had a great time.
i put in a 12 hour day.

and i only had wren with me which made things much easier.
the guys just had to wait on their lumber every now and then while i stopped to change a diaper or put her down for naps in the basement.
she was amazingly good that day.
and it helped immensely that i took some time to tack up plywood around the staircase and over a few other open areas.

now it's a race to get it all framed in and sheeted before it gets cold.....

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  1. that part makes me nervous...so high up, but it's really taking shape...cool!