Friday, October 8, 2010

i think we are over our trauma from sunday. hopefully the kids are better prepared now if something like that should ever happen again.....and now that they know they can have snacks and watch movies if it does, i kind of think they are hoping for it. :)

so i'm pretty used to tekoa's climbing by now. she always has to be at the highest point possible in any given room and i've learned to just let her do it.
the thing is, she can hold herself up really well so i sorta trust her.
she climbs the tree in our backyard pretty much everyday, and she's only fallen out of it once- so i'm thinking i can live with those odds.

but this one impressed even me-

that was in the basement of my church while i was training a helper for music.
she went to the ceiling and back down over and over. :)
...kinda made me want to give it a try myself- she made it look so easy.

wren wanted in with the goats.

she's suddenly completely over her fear of animals.

and you should've seen the fit she threw when it was time to get off....

house news-
we have an upstairs!!

we are setting trusses tomorrow and dave has been working even crazier hours this week to get ready for them.
it will be a big day at the house, and i'm praying everything goes well.

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