Tuesday, June 29, 2010

more of the same...still waiting on the building permit- should be 1 week yet.
but we've been getting lots of ideas for things we want to do, and we pretty much have the outside designed. it's getting me really excited.

when we built our 1st house i actually didn't have say in much of anything- we went with the bottom $ on most everything. and with this house i get to use some my own ideas and it's really fun.
we met at kbl today to look at cabinets. it was fun- even with the constant tugs on my arm and the "mom...mom....mom...hey mom...." that was consistently going on. :)

as for the kids- they are still swimming in the lake or holding that very spoiled kitten every chance they get.
we try to get out to the pool or other lakes when we can- it's just so much easier for me to be here. and when you go other places there's always that chance that you might forget to shut your van off while you're swimming. and it could run for hours until it runs out of gas. it happens.

about that kitten....

was there a life before starla?? my kids wouldn't think so. if only there was more of her or less of them. the fighting over her gets old.

and here's my little walker- though she's not getting any faster or any more confident yet.

we are gearing up for a long weekend of camping (if you can call staying in our air-conditioned bedroom camping) at the lake. probably our last weekend with dave around. we're looking forward to lazy days with lots of friends and family and sunshine. and sleep. i'm hoping for a little more sleep than what i've been getting.....not very likely :)

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  1. I can solve your "not enough kitten to go around" dilema:)