Monday, June 21, 2010

it feels like it's been about 10 lifetimes since my last post, when it's actually been what, a week and a half?

we are completely moved and settled in. we closed on our house on thursday. it's done and we are feeling very glad to have all of that behind us.

life is good here. the kids are LOVING the huge yard and the lake and the long driveway for bike riding. oh, and the barn also- they love to play in there and ride their bikes in it.

it is all bringing back memories of growing up here- it is most definitely a kids' paradise....

here is the view from the kitchen windows.

so in the morning, the kids are in their suits and out the door by the time i'm ready to eat breakfast. and i can sit and eat and watch them swim from the kitchen table. wonderful.

and now, meet starla-

she is just 1 more reason why the kids love living here. we finally got them the one thing they have always wanted. and she loves them back. so much so that she sits at the laundry room door and cries whenever they are not with her. cries and cries and cries......

SO.....with all the fun things for the kids to do here and the new kitten, the kids are busy. in fact, i don't see them as much during the days as what i'm used to. and it's good- for all of us. they are feeling more independent and i am feeling less smothered.
i love it when they come running in the door with something they just HAVE to tell me about- their faces are all lit up, and they're all talking at's great.

here's wren with the kitten- they're not so sure of each other.....

and while we're on the subject of wren-

i love, love, love this stage- it is so much fun.

and as for the new house- we are in the process of applying for our septic permit and the building permit. they may take a week or 2 to get, and then we dig!

so for now, we are enjoying our time with dave cause once we dig we won't be seeing much of him, and we are trying to decide what we want on the outside of our house. brick, stone, stucco, shakes, and the colors....

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