Monday, June 7, 2010

for some reason my sd card for my camera isn't wanting to empty it's pictures onto my computer.

i still want to post pictures from shaeya and wren's birthdays.....i suppose i could go get the cord that plugs my camera straight into the computer, but that would involve getting up and going all the way outside to the van to dig around in there and find it. enough said.

first of all- we are now moving on saturday. this saturday. 6 short days from now.
it's just a house, just a house. i WILL be okay. i'm sure dave thinks i'm losing it. i'm just sort of all over the place....happy, sad, overwhelmed, excited, nervous....and it sure doesn't take much to push me over the edge.
at least i can admit it, right?

second- i got to sing with my good friend gabe this weekend at his church. i was reminded of the fact that i was born to sing. loved it. and i have to say that it felt really good to do something that wasn't only for children. everything i ever do is for children- which is fine, and fulfilling, but this was really good for me.

and speaking of children- my children- we spent our first day at the pool today.
we were there for 3 & 1/2 hours, and i got to lay in the sun for about 6 minutes. you think i'm exaggerating, i'm sure, but i am not. in fact, 6 minutes is probably a stretch. but it was fun. the kids and i were glad to have a break from packing, and wren loved the water.

note to self:
next time bring something that can be used to confine wren while i'm helping the other kids.
bring more snacks for tekoa and try really hard to not get sunscreen in her eyes- she may whine and cry a little less.
NO WATER GUNS FOR TYDEN. if he wasn't "accidentally" squirting people (it was always an accident), he was getting just close enough to keep them on edge...

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