Thursday, June 10, 2010

all right, finally catching up here with the photos. there are a lot, i know.

wren chilling with her bffs

the things we do for the kids.....that was an all day project.

packing, packing, packing....i don't think it will ever end

i wondered why they were being so quiet....and those don't come off very easily.

big 1 yr old- gets to turn her car seat around. she looks too grown up.

enough pictures, already, mom. (i did get a little carried away)

wren's first sucker. don't even think of taking it away. my ears were ringing after i tried.

catching rays with cousin livie- who looks more interested in her toes than anything

and the highlight of shaeya's life.....thanks again, aunt judy and aunt karin!!!

and thanks also, aunt ruth, for the slide. i recommend clicking on this one for a closer view of the tush on the little one on the right...crack me up.

can't beat this shot...."GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!"

as for what became of it....

guess not everyone was having the time of their lives...or maybe he laid awake too much through the night dreaming about building the house.

on shaeya's actual birthday- we let her pick what she wanted to do

.....a lot of little girls dream of shooting dear, right??

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