Thursday, September 15, 2011

well i have been trying for a few days now to get a bunch of pictures uploaded but for some reason it is just not happening.
so this is what you get. the boring house pictures. which are already outdated....

things are getting REALLY crazy at this point as far as moving and cleaning and finishing up things at the house, so unfortunately blogging is going to have to take a back seat.

also we have had quite a few mix-ups with the cabinets and countertops which adds to the chaos. hopefully we can get things back on track and get enough done this week to maybe move on saturday. that's a big maybe....i'm not getting my hopes up.

so for now we are putting everything we move into the basement of the new house. which means i have a HUGE pile of boxes down there and have no idea where anything is or what i will need or how to get to it. should be a lot of fun trying to get organized.

and a quick update on the adoption-
absolutely nothing is happening.
birthmom is still in south carolina and she says she has no money to get her back to louisiana. so i don't know what is going to happen at this point.
all i know is we are almost halfway done with our year of power of attorney guardianship and our lawyer said that we do not want to let that year run out before we finalize the adoption.
please pray for our adoption.
pray for neiko's birthmom. she is struggling. she needs JESUS.
please pray for her to somehow get back to louisiana.
and pray for our family. we are sooooo ready to be neiko's mommy n daddy and to give him our last name.
but above all please pray for GOD to be glorified and for HIS WILL to be done and for us to have enough FAITH to leave ALL OF IT in His hands.
He began this good work and He will be faithful to complete it.
.......and this is where i would put a beautiful picture of our son and his amazing smile if only blogger would let me!!!

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