Friday, August 5, 2011

for our last day with the kids from the mission we had a celebration at lisa's house.
we all had a blast-
facepainting, nail painting, snow cones, basketball, football, waterslide, trampolines, swings, kittens, pizza, and singing.
all put on by 4 moms, some teenagers, and Jesus :)

needless to say after the 5 hour long celebration i was exhausted :)
i went home and got to spend the rest of the day packing boxes and cleaning the house.

and i decided that it's hard to pack and move while keeping the house looking perfect for possible showings....

here is my new neice! it was waaaaay past time for another baby in the family!
miss emma noelle-
so cute!!

this morning we had our last homestudy visit to go over the report.
looks like we passed :)
just a few more loose ends to tie up to be completely done but there is no hurry- we have to wait for the court date in LA before it can be finished.

my brain is totally maxxed out right now with thoughts of adoption, moving, a praise singing i'm in charge of leading in the barn on saturday night, school supplies, cleaning, picking out tile for the shower in the master bath, and the well-being of 5little ones.

please be gracious if i forget something i was supposed to do, or say something that doesn't make sense, or have eye makeup smeared on my cheek while i'm talking to you.....

i tell my Father every day that i cannot do any of this without Him. it is all for Him and by Him and through Him and because of Him. and He is more than enough.

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