Saturday, August 27, 2011

anyone who has to spend a day like i did today deserves some kind of award or something....

dragging 5 little kids around town trying to find a pair of shoes for shaeya to wear to school on monday.
not just any shoes.
sandals- cause her feet get so hot in tennis shoes.
with a strap over the back per the school's request.
no heel- because they have to be comfortable.
durable- because i had actually found a pair before school started and they broke 3 days in.
and less than $10 because i'm cheap and i won't spend anymore than that on shoes that might not fit her next summer.

we did accomplish our task and i am still standing.

and here are some positives from the day-

only 1 child peed their pants
only 1 child left a store sobbing over something beautiful i would not buy them
only 1 child got lost and only 2 times, and that child was found again both times before i had to be paged to the front of the store
there was 1 store in which we only had to visit the restroom once instead of twice
only 1 other mom pulled me aside to tell me that "all those kids couldn't possibly be mine..."
i only had to give 1 very discreet spanking
only 1 time did a dad have to jump in and save one of my children from a falling display.....and i'm sure you don't have to strain your imagination to think what could've possibly caused a falling display.....

the theme of the last few days has been, "it won't always be like this....."
my days won't always be filled with crying, fighting, peeing, puking, spilling, etc....

but then....

i won't always be the hero
i won't always tell the best stories
i won't always know every thought that goes through their little heads
i won't always be able to fix every problem with a simple kiss and hug
i won't always have all 5 of my kids tucked safely in their beds all together in my house
so for now i'm doing my best to be thankful, loving, and patient,
and to love them with Jesus' sacrificial love.
it is His love that tells me it is worth it to give all of myself. that it is okay to NOT take care of ME first like the world would tell me i should. that it is a blessing to be able to give, give, give and not receive.
that i can even reach out to others outside of my family and give, give, give and my children won't suffer as some might think, but they will benefit.

it is okay to be used up for Jesus.
it is the only way i wan't to be.

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