Saturday, July 30, 2011

starting to move some stuff over!!
but there are too many kids in the van to be able to move much in one trip......

before you all get too excited- we are still waiting on cabinets and a railing before we can officially move. it'll still be a couple of weeks yet.
but the home inspector told us we can move anything over that we want in the meantime.
AND since my parent's house is going on the market next week we are trying to move just enough to make their house look nice for showings.

so here begins the chaos- our things divided between 2 houses, showings at one house and finishing up another.
and school starts in 2 & 1/2 weeks.
this will be a true test of how much i can handle.
i'm tired just thinking about it.

here are house pictures from today. i spent the day there sanding trim, organizing, and sweeping and wiping the floors. with kids hanging on me most of the time.
my knees are raw- literally. they are missing skin.

tyden's room-

hallway in between the 2 upstairs rooms-

shaeya and tekoa's room-

master closet- (i'm showing you all the closets with the hopes that you will notice the beautiful shelves that someone hung....;)

fireplace in the great room- dave and i decided to leave it unfinished for now. we will have stone put on it later-

dining room- we are going to move our table in next week- i haven't seen my table for a year!

that's that.
i am so tired. it's been a really long, exhausting week for me. glad to put this one behind me.

wren has been having lots of accidents lately- don't know what that's all about.
neiko is getting molars and he is really cranky and clingy. i pulled a muscle or something in my hip from carrying him so much- i'm trying to carry him less cause it hurts my hip, but if i'm not carrying him then he is crying at my feet.
makes it hard to get anything done- and there is always so much to do. i feel like if sit down for a second then the house starts falling apart around me.

i probably shouldn't be blogging this late at night after a hard tiredness is showing a bit too much ;)

so now the 2 bright spots in my day-

#1 my wonderful sister-in-law katie brought us lunch at the new house and then stayed and helped me sweep floors. so wonderful.

#2 shaeya had earned $4 from dave the other day and was very proud of it. she had been carrying the $ around with her everywhere she went and talking about all her plans for those $.
then last night she spent the night at the lake with my parents- and my aunt joan (who lives in haiti and is going back there on thursday) was there for part of the day yesterday.

so tonight shaeya was chatting about everything she did while she was at the lake-
and then she asked dave and i if we wanted to know what she did with her $4.
we said yes.
she told us that she gave her money to aunt joan and asked her if she would take it with her to haiti and give it to someone there who needed it.

so sweet. i love to see Jesus working in her little heart.

keep working on us all, Jesus, we need you every minute of every day....

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