Thursday, July 7, 2011

some mornings are just rougher than others....

of course neiko always wakes up beautiful :)

tea party time....notice the cute matching headbands?
one of those fell in the toilet last week. we decided it was worth saving. wren is still telling everyone, "my headband fell in the toilet....yuck!!!!!"

neiko and i relaxing. looooove these moments with him.

don't have many pictures of wren and i, so i take what i get. naked ken doll and all. at least i cropped off his lower half....

i picked up destiny for 4th of july and kept her for 6 days. i totally enjoyed having some time with her- she is growing up sooo fast. she is such a good kid- very social and energetic!! she looooved being at the lake with all the kids. well, she learned to love it :) she was afraid of everything at first but warmed up to the chaos pretty quickly....

my sister's girls and mine- with pj's and popcorn :)

he still loves this swing. and it gets me a shower every now and then when we're at the lake.
of course, the one time i brought him with me to play on the floor while i took a quick shower the power went out. it was pitch black. and he screamed. and screamed. until i could find a towel in the dark and find our way out of the bathroom. always something, right?

the girls had fun with some body paint. they cornered my grandma and a few of my aunts and painted them too :)

sometimes cameras distort things, right? like my arm? something doesn't look quite right....unless that's just what carrying 2 babies around all the time, it's gotta be the camera.

tyden spent a whole week at the lake before we got there for the weekend. can you tell?

destiny is catching on to the whole horse thing. at first she was asking why all the girls here play horses all the time :)

we celebrated desi's 5th birthday-
her mom thought it was funny that she was in a swimsuit for her party. but hey, when you have 6 kids and the party is at the lake that is just what you get :)

remember when i said, "it's always something?"
well here's what it was today....brace yourself....

i had to call my big strong snake phobic husband to come and help me. we laughed quite a bit at ourselves and each other as we tried to get rid of it (that's a nice way of saying "kill.") i did NOT want that thing hanging around here.

mission accomplished. with no regrets.

i'm letting wren have her first "slumber party" with shaeya and tekoa in the tent tonight....she is sooooo excited. we'll see how this goes....

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