Monday, December 28, 2009

Thoughts On Christmas

i have to retract something i said in my last post.....something about staying up too late and eating too much being what life's really about.

after about 10 days straight of repeatedly staying up too late and eating too much you realize that it's not all that fun anymore. and all you long for is sleep, some veggies, a good work out, and for your jeans to fit you once again.

today as i'm cleaning, organizing, fixing toys, and detoxing from sugar i keep wondering if i did enough to reinforce to my children what christmas is all about.
of course, if you ask them, they will say that it's not about presents, it's about Jesus.
but do they really understand?
did i understand when i was their age?

this morning we had a deep conversation about heaven- it was pretty cute- and i kept trying to get through to them how much God knows them and loves them. and what He did for them.
but i don't know what their little minds are actually comprehending.

i ended up telling them that they had a brother or sister in heaven waiting for them.
there are actually 2, but i only mentioned one. i thought it might help make heaven a little more real to them, and i knew tyden had known about the baby at one point- i just wasn't sure if he remembered.

after a lot of other questions, tyden asked if we would've had 5 kids if the baby hadn't died.
i said, "well, i don't think so, cause then we ended up having tekoa."
to which ty replied, "so.....i could've maybe had a brother, but i got tekoa instead??"
poor guy.

also this morning the kids helped me put together a box of toys to send to an orphanage in mexico. they had fun doing this and hesitated just a little to send some of the toys until i reminded them that these kids probably didn't get a whole lot for christmas- if they got anything at all.

this got the kids more into the giving part, and they were packing up more stuff when shaeya asked me if i was sure that the mean lady at the orphanage would even give the kids the toys we were sending.
so i had to explain that miss hannigan does not run this orphanage.

anyway, i'm just wondering about these things today- wondering if i'm doing enough, saying enough, living out my faith enough.
i know in the end it's God and not me who will give them understanding and who will save them. i just wanna do a good job in the role He's given me.

but if you're wondering about our christmas(-es- multiple christmases) , it was a blast. lots of family, kids, babies, food, gifts, and games.

the kids were so excited about their gifts.
tyden got a lot of transformers and shaeya got everything horses- a stable, a horse vet clinic, and babies for black beauty.

wren had a great time on christmas morning just rolling around and playing with wrapping paper,

and tekoa....
she opened her gifts, and then i found her a little later taking a break from all the excitement to bang her head little- i don't know if she was tired, or a little overly excited or what. but we have this extra toddler bed in our basement....

anyway, we had fun. all 10 days of it.
and the fun picks up again on friday when my grandparents are taking the whole family to fun city for the weekend. all 37 of us. should be......i don't think my grandparents read this...... interesting. fun. it'll be fun. :)

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