Monday, December 14, 2009

Blogging From Home!!

YEA!!! i'm actually sitting at home at my own computer!!
what a wonderful thing that i took for granted for so long.

and what a fun, crazy, sleepless weekend we had.
dave's company christmas party was on friday night and we came home with a little red netbook which dave lovingly gave to me with NO prompting, begging, or bribing whatsoever :)
he's got a blackberry, so why would he need a netbook, right??

we also got a gift card to grand prairie which i used on saturday to buy myself some new, much needed boots.
okay 2 pairs.
and i may have exceeded the amount on the card by just a little.
which makes me feel guilty because my birthday is 5 days before christmas so i never want to buy myself anything in december......but what usually happens is i end up using any birthday money or gift cards from my birthday to buy other people's christmas gifts.
so i shouldn't feel too guilty, right?

i got a lot of my shopping done on saturday cause dave was actually home which hardly ever happens on a saturday. he stayed home with the kids and i went out with just wren.
it was WONDERFUL. i had a great time and got SO MUCH DONE!

so i'm feeling pretty good about my workload right now.
my christmas shopping is done, the house is decorated and clean (okay, if you don't look too close it looks clean), teacher gifts are bought and some given out already, my kids' secret santa gifts for school (10 total) are bought and wrapped and ready to go to school 2 at a time each day this week (it was a fun surprise this morning to get all the way back home from dropping the kids off and then find the gift tyden was supposed to take sitting on the floor of the van.....back to school for me), destiny's gift is wrapped and boxed and ready to be sent out, and i got the last of my christmas cards out this morning.

yea, i took the last of my cards to church yesterday to hand them out. i was once again carrying wren and the cards and she leaned over and puked all over the whole stack.
so some of them had to come back home with me to get new envelopes and to be mailed.'s just good thing she's cute, right?

and speaking of cute- i bet you've all been dying for some pics of the fat one. it's been quite awhile since i could add pics to the blog- so here you go.

she's actually slimming down a little if you can tell. she was 18 pounds and 26 inches at her 6 month check up. which put her at 81% for weight and 59% for height.

this picture makes you think that she's eating rice cereal now, but don't be fooled. i keep trying to feed it to her with the hope of getting a 4 hour stretch of sleep at night sometime, but she will not swallow it. she gags and spews it all back out. she acts like anything besides breastmilk tastes just awful.
so after a lot of rice cereal battles/messes i'm giving up and resigning myself to the fact that i'll be nursing her every 2 or 3 hours all night long for the rest of her life. or at least a few more months.

and yep, she's pretty much sitting on her own now which makes her happy. she loves to sit in the middle of the rug in the living room while the other kids run around her.

and that sweet, innocent looking girl on the right gave wren a little bouncy ball this morning which i had to fish out of her mouth. i hate those little balls. i don't know how they always find their way into my house- i throw them away every time i find one but somehow i can never be fully rid of them.

looking forward to a girl's night out tonight and friday night....hey, i can't help it if they fall on the same week......and then starts the kids' break and all the christmas fun.

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  1. Michelle, who did you finally decide to go with for internet? I find internet the most expensive thing we pay for! I got our phone down (yes I haven't gotten ride of our land line yet) and our TV each month...but internet....yuchh!

    Is it a small red pc? That is fun!

    As far as you using the card and going a little over....with you birthday so close to the holidays you have always beeen a tiny bit jipped so indulge!! As a mom I always ended up using my gift cards on others so don't follow my path!!