Thursday, December 10, 2009

The End Is In Sight

yep still at mom's, but the end is in sight!
we are getting plugged back in on saturday!!!!!
it's been a long couple of weeks for me.  and i know everyone at dave's office will be glad to have me and the girl's e-mailing and christmas shopping at home from now on.

speaking of christmas shopping.....i've been so super busy trying to get everything done so that by the time my kids are home on break (starting the 19th) we can just relax together and enjoy christmas.  i think i'm going to meet that goal.
i hope i do, cause i learned last weekend that it's just not worth trying to take them with me to stores.

on saturday dave had a quick job to do so he took tekoa with him so he could lay her down for a nap while he worked, and then i could take the other 3 with me to a few stores.

i thought it would be a breeze.  it was not.
first of all, the stores and parking lots were packed.  ty and shaeya were constantly pulling on the cart and bumping it into displays and other people.  not intentionally,  just sort of unconsciously.  
so my running dialog with them was as follows:
"don't touch the cart- you're moving the cart again- take your hands off the cart- no, you can't have that- let go of the cart- remember, we're not shopping for you- you're moving the cart- yes, we're almost done- you can't stand in front of the cart- it's almost christmas so no, you can't have that- quit moving the cart, please!!

so much fun. and we finished it all up with a "quick trip" to dave's office to check my e-mail.

shaeya had been telling me all day that she had to pee, but i kept telling her to just wait 'til we got to the office.  i really didn't want to abandon my speed shopping to take her, and i always have to visit every public bathroom when i have tekoa, so for once i just wanted to shop and not use the store's bathroom.
so when we got to the office shaeya ran straight to the bathroom while i unloaded wren.
i pulled wren out of her carseat and had a fun surprise.  poop everywhere.  i don't understand why it never stays in the diaper.
i walked into the bathroom with wren to clean her up, and there's shaeya standing there by the toilet with her pants around her ankles and she's peeing. and crying.
and at that point you just laugh.  in fact i couldn't stop laughing and it was making her even more mad.  she was so mad at me because, you know, it was all my fault. :)

after about 20 minutes of cleaning up the baby, scrubbing the carseat, washing shaeya off in a sink, and scrubbing the bathroom floor i was done laughing.

miraculously wren's pants were poop free, so i put them on shaeya- which she thought was pretty funny-  and then finally got to checking my e-mail.  and then headed home.
an experience i do not wish to repeat.  so if i don't get your gift bought before break you're just not getting one.

one other funny incident before i collect the girls and head home-
at church on sunday i happened to be wearing some pretty tall heels.  and i brought a bunch of my christmas cards to hand out that day.
so then after church i was making my way down the stairs to head outside, and i had wren and the christmas cards in one arm and i was holding tekoa's hand on the other side.  it was slow going in those tall heels and the heavy load......trying to balance everything.....when suddenly tekoa decided to jump.  
which she does sometimes expecting me to help her land a few steps down.

but with the baby and the christmas cards and the heels i knew she would take us all down....... so i quickly did what any loving mother would do..........i let go.  

i can't help but laugh just thinking of it.....she was so shocked that i let go.   

and she landed face down, sprawled out on the bottom half of the staircase.  
i couldn't get to her very quickly, but luckily one of my brother's friends came to her rescue.  
she was crying, but she wasn't hurt too badly- just more scared than anything.
i'd like to think it will make her think twice before doing it again, but i know from past experience that it will not.  
and i keep telling myself that it was what i had to do.  and it waswasn't it???

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