Monday, November 2, 2009

Sleepless Holloween

seriously i don't think i've ever been as tired as i was this weekend.

don't get me wrong, i had a lot of fun.
it just would've been a little more fun if i had gotten some sleep.

sleep....all i want to do today is crawl back in my warm, comfortable bed and sleep for like 2 days straight....

first of all- both tekoa and wren have colds. poor little wren can't breathe through her nose at all. so that, of course, makes nursing impossible.....she's feeling really sorry for herself. as am i.

makes for some fun nights....and on top of that, our sweet daughter tekoa is going through a phase. it's the crying all night long phase.

it's pretty much been going on since we came back from our vacation......which was when we kicked her out of the crib (which was converted to a toddler bed) to change it back to a crib for wren.
she was not and is still not thrilled with us.

so, no sleep plus a busy (fun-filled) weekend makes for a really long and tired monday.

but let me back up and start with thursday.
i took the girls to "baby joy" at the nursing home. they dressed up in their costumes and showed themselves off to the residents there.

wren was a hit. they all wanted to hold her, and i had to warn them that she was heavy.
i would've taken pictures if i wasn't so worried that someone was gonna drop her.

after that, tyden came home early because of a fundraiser at the school that night.
which i helped with. i took wren with me, and was there from 3:30 - 9:30 setting up, running a booth, and cleaning up.

i was in charge of selling coffee from "not your average joe" and giving out free samples.
and i may have had a few samples myself......yea, couldn't fall asleep 'til after 1 am. we really should've told them decaf.

so after that late and sleepless night with 2 crying girls i had a playdate scheduled at the barn with some friends and their kids to hang out and carve pumpkins.

i was there from 10am- 4pm.
i had a great time- i loved helping all the kids and being with friends. we had a fire going in the fireplace and had lots of was wonderful.

i'm trying to block out the fact that tekoa cried pretty much the entire time and that her and i were both extremely tired.

after i sent everyone home and put koa to bed in my parent's house, i cleaned up massive amounts of pumpkin innards, scrubbed the tables and chairs, picked up toys, and loaded the leftover food, bikes, and pumpkins into my van.

then we headed home just in time to meet dave, throw on our costumes, and head to my aunt rachel's annual costume party.

i had a great time....dave and i went as adam and eve.
i would post a picture but i had to promise dave that i wouldn't. and i will keep my word....even though i think the costumes were hilarious.

he does not agree.
he told the kids that the only reason he was wearing the adam costume was because he "loved their mommy very much." smile.

we almost won the best costume contest- it was really close- i mean we definitely should've won. guess i didn't vote for us quite enough times.

after yet another late and sleepless night with 2 crying girls, dave worked and i dressed the kids up again and took them to my mom's and my grandma's.......because you know, they just really needed more sugar.

then i came home and started cleaning the house to get things ready for our annual halloween party. i know.....i bring it upon myself.....but i wouldn't have it any other way.

everyone came around 5. we ate dinner together (after i re-arranged the house to be able to seat us all) and then us women took all the kids trick-or-treating around my neighborhood.
there were 6 moms and 14 kids.

the guy's job was to simply answer the door when the doorbell rang.......
funny how all my neighbor's kept telling me they tried our house but no one would answer the door.....
the guys claim they just never heard anything......hmm.

after that we had dessert, found places to put kids to bed, and stayed up late laughing and playing games. so fun.

and then yep, another sleepless night with 2 crying girls, and then church.
got home around 1:30 and we crashed. woke up just in time for me to get the kids ready and head to our church's hymn sing.
tyden and shaeya's classes were singing in it.
dave stayed home with tekoa, so i just had 3. and yes, it was an even trade. i felt so free.

when we got home i put the kids to bed, and then cleaned up the house, and layed out school clothes and packed lunches for school the next day.

and all of that is why i'm so tired.

and why i don't have patience today for things like this....

yep- naked with her head in the sink this morning....i seriously don't know what runs through that girl's head.

i have to just keep telling myself that they won't be little forever and there'll be plenty of time for sleep then, right?


  1. the Adam and Eve costumes were scandalus! I laughed so hard when I saw you two. Do you want me to post the pictures for you? I think EVERYone should see them and yes your husband MUST love you VERY MUCH!

  2. About that getting more sleep thing, I too used to believe that but....teenagers don't sleep either and they are loud at 1:00 am. Sorry to crush your hopes:(

  3. Michelle-
    Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry, sometimes I do both when reading your stories;) Thanks for sharing. This mom has a little Tekoa too, in the form of Kelsey! I've seen the "head-stuck-under-the-sink" look here recently!

  4. Oh michelle - I'm wore out just reading your blog... Hang in there, Love reading your blog! ps, your costume was awesome, but tyden stole the show when he raised his hands over his head when he won! So funny to watch him!