Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun City

well we had a great weekend with the kids....but we didn't end up going to chicago.
much to the kid's bitter disappointment the train was full for friday.

but we made up for it by taking them to fun city in iowa.
(you can read about our last trip there in an earlier post in march- "fun with the flu" - but this trip went much better.)

the kids and i left on thursday night with justin and katie.

we met my mom and my sister and her kids plus nate and brook's kids there for thursday night- and then dave, jared, and my dad came for friday night and saturday.

the kids had so much fun- it really is a nice waterpark.

i thoroughly enjoyed my time with them- and they were all very good.
(yes, even tekoa- but she made up for it at church yesterday.)

i got smart and just brought her whole crib mattress with me- you do what you gotta, right?
seriously, she can NOT sleep if she can't bounce her head.
and a regular bed is too soft for bouncing- she goes crazy- feeling all around the bed for a firm spot all night long.
and the floor is too hard- she bounces and cries all night long.
so i brought her mattress. and we were both happy.

it was just a little embarrasing hauling it into the hotel....but luckily we got there late enough on thursday night that there weren't a lot of people around to see it.

it was late because somehow me, with my amazing sense of direction, turned an hour and a half drive into 2 hours and 45 minutes. it happens.
my kids are used to us wandering around lost or driving a little out of the way at times, but justin and katie seemed slightly annoyed.

gps is on my christmas list this year.

*and this is my attempt at capturing tekoa as she puts herself to sleep.
it's kinda dark but you get the idea.


  1. oh my goodnes- Hilarious! seriously, she amazes me. so do you. have a great week. -katelyn

  2. That's crazy! I can't believe she goes to SLEEP like that! Thats really strange...