Monday, November 9, 2009

Showers And Trains.....

the garage sale was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!
thank you so very much to all of you who donated items or came out to buy stuff and make a donation. the proceeds from the sale will go a such long way in haiti.

another monday. poor wren is sick- she has a fever and a stuffy nose. she pretty much just sleeps and moans. she is hardly nursing, and she sometimes chokes on all the snot in her throat and then pukes. disgusting, i know......but at least you aren't the one covered in it.
she puked in my hair late last night, and i didn't get a chance to wash it out until around 10:00 this morning. after i'd driven ty and shaeya to school. so i went about 11 hours with crusty puke hair.

when i finally got time to shower i put wren in the swing and gave tekoa some of shaeya's "sacred belongings" to get into so i could have a few minutes of uninterrupted shower time.

i don't know if i've actually had an uninterupted shower in the last 2 years.

usually i get in and about 2 minutes later someone is yelling, "mom!!!! tekoa's on the counter and she's getting into all the food!!!" or, "mom!!!! tekoa's in the bathroom and she squirted out all your soap and she's rubbing it on the mirror!!!" or, "mom!!!! tekoa is at the computer with a marker and she's coloring on EVERYTHING!!!" or, "mom!!!! tekoa just dumped her milk all over the rug!!!" or, "mom! there's a guy at the door and he wants to talk to you!"
or, you know, something along those lines.
and sometimes while i'm in there i can see tekoa sneaking into my bathroom to quietly get into things. like spraying my perfume, writing with my eyeliner, or smearing her face and hands and clothes with my lipgloss.
but lately it's the whole head in the sink thing. i don't know why, but she thinks she needs to climb on the counter and wash her hair in the sink.

it's always a toss up on whether to actually get out with only one leg shaved and conditioner in my hair or to just let chaos reign and deal with it all later...

anyway, the kids have a short week of school this week because of parent/teacher conferences. they have thursday and friday off, so on friday we're planning a trip to the shedd aquarium. we're taking the train. the kids are SO excited.
we really shouldn't have even told them yet, because all we heard all weekend was, "NOW how many days until we ride the train?!?!"
(i think they are more excited about the train then anything else- we could probably just ride the train there and straight back and they'd be fine with it :)

after i told them the week's schedule for the 100th time, i asked them to please not ask me about it again.
so this morning when ty came up to me and asked how many days til the train i gave him a LOOK (i'm sure you know which one i'm talking about) and he quickly said, "just kidding."

but it should be fun.
and i'm seriously thinking about buying a leash for tekoa for the trip.....please don't make fun of me.....they sell them at target...........


  1. desperate times call for desperate measures

  2. i love reading your blog, it makes me laugh. Your life reminds me of mine right now. Your Tekoa = my Silas.

  3. I have one you could borrow- and am just now realizing you're in Chicago right now. I hope your children are all next to you. And you're having a blast! :) - Katelyn