Tuesday, March 5, 2013

snow day!

dinner and shopping with Helen- our pastor's wife.
we had a really nice night together and I already feel so blessed by her friendship

uh....black history month speech day....Tekoa was Richard Allen :)

cracked me up- she looked so much like a boy!! :)

and vaulting!!

the girls had their annual performance this weekend at the horse show in Springfield

kinda hard to see- but that's Tekoa up there

and that one is Shaeya

Shaeya again

here's a video of their performance if you are interested-

and don't worry, the other kids had fun too!! there was lots to do apart from the performances! :)

the girls lived it up! :)

and wore themselves out :)

and then that leads us to yesterday.....when we were blessed to get to keep some kids from our church overnight.  4 of them.  which, of course, makes 9 total.  5 of which are 2 and 3 yr olds....:)

then we were also blessed this morning with another snow day, so I got to keep Tyden and Shaeya around today to help entertain everyone :)  
and apart from one very interesting part of the morning that involved a bathroom, a laundry room, and 2 kids covered in poop things are going great :)

my heart is happy when my house is full...........

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