Tuesday, February 5, 2013

i'm very aware by now that all children are not created equal....and our little neiko is a perfect example of this.  
my "cold turkey" approach to all transitions with my other kids just doesn't work with him.  
any change in his routine brings about some very ugly behaviors.  i mean very ugly.  
i think the poor guy had enough abrupt transitions during his first year to last him forever :)

so i've been dreading this one!!!! the switch from crib to "big boy bed."  it goes against everything in me to let him go back and forth from crib to bed, but i know i can't push the issue if he's not feeling it.  
but he slept in the big bed last night perfectly!  so exciting!  and then at nap time today he got out of bed and had a little party with his toy box and his trucks.....which is normal!  gotta test and see how serious mom is about the whole stay in the bed thing......and now he is asleep and still in the big bed.....so we will see how this all goes!!

he looks HUGE in the crib these days! and in his high chair! but the boy still can't handle his freedom from confinement all that well so we are keeping them around :)  

and while we are on the subject of neiko, the other night i was getting ready to go out with all of my sisters.  
i was in my bathroom doing my hair, and i had laid my coat (just the perfect coat for my outfit, you know....and dry clean only- of course) over the side of the bathtub so i could put it on and go as soon as my hair was done.  
and just as i was finishing up, i heard the water come on.  
i turned around, and there was my coat- inside the tub.  and little neiko standing on the side of the tub.  
with the sprayer in his hands.  
giving the coat a real good spraying.....
and ok, honestly, it really wasn't very funny to me at all at the time....but it sure makes me laugh now.  
the little punk....:)

so along with project "big boy bed" we have project "coffee table" going on  

can you see the vision yet? :) 
all we have left is to put some kinda sealant on it, and then put all the iron and the wheels (which are minus about 5 coats of black grease and a bit of white paint) back on.
it's a family project (right dave? i mean we all totally worked on it like we said we would....that one time....) which means working in the living room which means dust EVERYWHERE but totally worth it! :)

our sweet little ladies....

and yes, the kids are ALWAYS holding that bunny :)  
tekoa will tell you that he's the "only love of her life"....

shaeya and i had some good bonding time this weekend, with tekoa at a birthday party and the boys at the monster truck show.....she is seriously the sweetest kid EVER.

i'm just hoping that all of that bonding time we had doesn't mean that i'm doomed to get the pinkeye that she woke up with yesterday......

and on the church front- we are making more friends.
i have my first play date on thursday with another mom from church.
i hope she likes me.....just kidding.....but not really....

this past sunday went really well.  the kids are getting more used to the length of the service, and even neiko played pretty quietly.  they are branching out and i'm so happy to see them making friends and participating :) 

they are definitely feeling more comfortable.....so comfortable, in fact, that last sunday wren asked if she could please ride the church bus home......:)

and speaking of wren- since she hasn't had much sunday schooling, we are making a family effort every night to teach her stories from the Bible.  it's been really fun for all of us.  

and let me tell you she is truly rock solid now in her theology.....just listen to this prayer of hers.....

or you can listen here-

yes, we have our work cut out for us! :)

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