Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Look what God blessed us with on Saturday :)

LaKisha is the very proud new owner of a Chrysler Town and Country :)
I LOVE how God works. Through all of this He has shown LaKisha and I both how very much He loves us.    

As i type this I am holding baby Kevin and feeding him his bottle.  And I'm filled with mixed emotions when I think that he will be in daycare next week.  I will miss him, but I am also ready for a little less craziness around here. 
And let me tell you that having a 3yr old, 2yr old, and a 2 month old is craziness indeed. :)

My sweet Wren, who is usually amazingly well behaved has finally been acting her age.  
throwing fits, screaming at Neiko, telling lies, and the other day I found her hiding in a cupboard with a bottle of lotion.  Her hair must have been feeling a little dry......
When I opened the cupboard she looked at me and said, "don't give me a spankin..."

I love this next picture.  
Tekoa was so proud of her all blue outfit.  and I think the whole bunny/leash things is adorable :)

Okay and this next picture is truly an awful one but it was a good memory so I will deem it blog worthy.
It's all my sisters and I at the hospital with Katie, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our nephew.
Katie and my brother were a little bored and just waiting for active labor, so we headed down there with some food and all of our collective motherly wisdom....:)

Little Crosby James was born early Thursday morning.  
He is a sweetie. 
 And #15 i think.


We are slowly evening out the boy/girl ratio! 
of course, adding Neiko and Trey really helped things :)
These little guys will have so much fun together....

On the night that Katie was in labor my nephew Noah was praying for Katie's baby to be born safely.  And at the end of his prayer he added, "and please don't let him be a black baby...."


! guess between the adopted ones and Kevin and such we are maybe confusing the other grandkids a bit :)

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