Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sorry for the blog silence.

I am nervous to look at my last post because I was very drugged when I wrote it. I have no idea if it all makes sense or if there was anything too startling about it.....
Sorry if there is! :)

I have since recovered.  :)
It took me about a week to get my energy back.
The anesthesia made me feel pretty awful, and the pain meds made me very sleepy and light-headed. After about 3 days I got off the meds and Dave said he was very glad to have his wife back :)

Soooooo thankful for my family and friends who brought us meals and came and helped me with the kids! Don't know how we would've made it through without the extra help!
And thankfully the pathology reports were good! Everything was benign.

So I had a week recovery and then this past week was back to 100mph...

Babysitting Lakisha's baby, painting my pantry, taking care of 2 very sick kids, my post op doctor appoinment, delivering cookie dough, soccer games, finishing the leaf project, teaching music, and packing for our trip to Gulf Shores. 

And speaking of Gulf Shores- we made it here at 1:45 this morning :)
So excited for a week of relaxation with our friends!! :)
Of course it rained all day today and is supposed to rain tomorrow, but after that I am soooo looking forward to sitting on the beach in the sunshine.

Here are some pictures that I needed to catch up on- :)

Hopefully my next post will be full of pictures of my kiddos on the beach! :)

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