Thursday, June 28, 2012

we are finally enjoying our slower pace :)
the kids are doing great.

it's been a nice morning apart from a little neiko/hair conditioner episode which resulted in conditioner all over him, my bathroom, the living room floor, and the couch.

i found a new bike for shaeya last night at a garage sale so she was out riding first thing this morning.  she loooooves it.
and a new bike for shaeya means that we pass down her old bike to tekoa who then passes her old bike down to wren.  so all 3 girls are riding new bikes this morning.
all will be well if i can keep these bikes from being parked behind or underneath any vehicles!!

we are on the brink of ordering back splash tile for the kitchen which is exciting, and dave is wanting to start painting all of our doors.
should be interesting for all of us to live without doors for awhile....

i am really really excited for our little family get away this weekend.
destiny is having a birthday party on saturday.  we've decided to go and make a little trip of it.
we leave tomorrow at noon and we are going to a children's museum, then we are taking the kids to see "brave" and then checking into a hotel.
we will probably do some swimming in the morning and then head over to destiny's party after lunch.
after the party we are bringing des home with us for a few days.
we are looking forward to having her!!

our only problem- it's a recurring problem- is that our van only seats 7.
sigh.....seems like i'm always driving with a kid on the floor.....

anyone wanna trade a bus for a town and country???

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