Monday, June 4, 2012

ahhhhhh. been waiting for a day like this.
a rainy day with all my kids home.
nothing on the agenda.
pure heaven.

wren is curled up on my bed with my iphone, neiko is on my lap with his blankie, tyden is making eggs, and shaeya and tekoa are in my bathtub with a tree frog. it keeps croaking and they keep cracking up.

the last two weeks have been total insanity- hence the blog silence.
here's some of what went on-

a field trip to st. louis zoo with the kids' school, our annual music performance at the courthouse, koa's preschool graduation, my nieces' kindergarten graduation, i cleaned a house for dave, we helped build a water slide out at the lake, wren's birthday, recorded a cd for my church's vbs, a girl's night out, a 1am grocery shopping trip (the reason i added parsley to my southwest salad instead of cilantro ;), shaeya's birthday, my brother-in-laws birthday (yes, i planned and hosted 3 birthday parties in 1 week), lots of babysitting, and a welcome home picnic for my aunt's family.
and during my spare time i've been refinishing some bar stools i bought at a church sale and working on designing and printing a book of my blog (an awesome gift from my sister-in-law.)

all with TERRIBLE allergies that have kept me from getting any sleep, and a teething, sick, cranky little boy with a rash all over his body.

the allergies also put a very interesting spin on recording the songs for vbs.
oh well..........i'm definitely not seeking perfection in any area of my life.
good enough is most definitely good enough.

here are the pictures of it all :)

looking forward to a somewhat slower pace from here on out.....
although i feel like i say that a lot.

we have vbs every night this week. dave and i are both helping- me with the music, and him with 4th grade boys craft (tys class.)

and daytime vbs with my kids' preschool's church next week.

but then after that-
just the mission on mondays, vaulting on wednesdays, and the pool with my cousins on thursdays.

and let's just not talk about the weekends......pretty sure every single one is booked through the entire summer......

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