Monday, March 5, 2012

shaeya's vaulting performance-

and if that video doesn't work you can try this link-

she did SO GREAT!!
we were really proud of her!
it was so cute to see her try to work through her nervousness.
she asked me a couple of times, "what if i mess up, mom?"
and i said, "no problem. i make mistakes in front of people when i sing all the time! and usually no one even notices!"

and once the first performance was over, she was a lot less nervous on sunday for the second performance.

it was a really fun weekend with the kids. they had a blast seeing all the horses and swimming at the hotel.
especially little wren! :) she was LOVING every minute of all of it!
she has no fear at all of water, she totally keeps up with the big kids- jumping in and out of the pool :)
and she couldn't get enough of the horses!

and everything felt so easy with only 4 kids :)
but we missed neiko a lot!
i had a HARD time leaving him!
i was so worried he was going to have flashbacks of feelings of abandonment or something. but he was FINE.
and i'm getting LOTS of hugs and kisses from him today. such a sweet boy.

now back to the everyday routine.
minus vaulting practice til summer and minus gymnastics til next year.

i'm feeling a little freer. :)

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