Tuesday, March 6, 2012

i know, i know, i posted yesterday and my life is just not that interesting- not enough for posting 2 days in a row.

but i wanted to show you all how neiko gets down the stairs.
its pretty funny.

and now since i'm already blogging-
i'm sure you all want to hear about how much laundry i have today, how i need to refill and organize my two newly rehung kitchen cabinets, how i have 4 kids 4 and under with me for the day- 3 of which are 2 and under.....which makes the first two jobs next to impossible.

i'm sure you want to hear all about the big event of last week- which was the cleaning out of the basement. big stuff.
i found 33 socks. most of which did not belong to any of my children.
and how messy it already is again.....

and then there's the rip in my couch, the flood of water that pours out of my dishwasher when i run it, and the insane amount of dirt and crumbs on the floor in the kitchen and dining room- i swept them yesterday- today i could serve up a whole meal straight from the floor.

but i gotta say that NONE of those above mentioned have any effect on my joy for today.
i'm enjoying my 4 babies, i'm LOVING that my amazing husband will sweep in around 6 and love and lead us all, and i'm SO HAPPY that it will be 61 degrees today so we can get outside.

i'm so blessed by my Heavenly Father who loves me enough to give me everything i need for today. whether easy or hard. whether i deem it good or bad.
i trust Him completely.

okay- signing off now- just heard a loud crash coming from the pile of yet-to-be-hung trim......

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  1. Michelle this sounds so familiar! My floor is that dirty too! Thanks for sharing your heart. I miss you!