Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the 2 piles that are steadily growing.....

don't judge my tree. i let the kids decorate it this year.
they think it is beautiful, and i didn't have to do it.
and my nice ornaments are packed away in a box somewhere.

here are a few house pictures-

dave gave me my birthday present on sunday. an ipad.
i LOVE it. and so do my kids.
they spend a lot of time doing this- :)

....while wren quietly gets into their stuff.

her latest is "WHHHHY??"
it's so cute. (at this point)
she says something like "i want candy."
and when i say no, she instantly cries out "WHHY?"
she has no clue what 'why' means, but if the other kids do it then she should do it too, right? :)

here is a short video of tekoa. i let her try out the jumping thing at the mall.
she had the time of her life, and she keeps asking to go back and do it again.
"does grandma go to that mall? she needs to see me do that. or daddy? does daddy go to that mall?"

teacher gifts - done
christmas shopping - done
wrapping (and rewrapping) the gifts - done (for now)
christmas cards - mostly done
christmas songs - almost ready to perform
baking - not even close
laundry - way behind
house - falling apart at the seems

tomorrow we give out 5 gifts to people at 2 different schools, we have tekoa's christmas party in the morning, music at ty and shaeya's school in the afternoon, then a big family christmas with my dad's family here at the barn in the evening.

if i get to bed before midnight, and if i can somehow work in a shower and some coffee in the morning i should be allright....

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