Monday, October 5, 2009

Riding Bikes

amazing, isn't she?? (especially on those legs that are so tired all the time.)

now- let me explain the outfit- the jacket is her "hunting jacket" she found at a kid's consignment sale this past weekend. she HAD to have it. 5 sizes too big and all.
we got her to take it off for church on sunday but that's it.
she eats, sleeps, and rides her bike in it.

and i let her wear it to school......i'm pretty sure she doesn't take it off at all at school.
(okay i was there today for music, so now i know she doesn't).

the pants- one of her first attempts at making it around the whole circle drive by herself ended right here-

in the puddle. so grandma found the striped pants for her in the house and that also explains the lack of shoes.
because i would never normally let my kids ride bikes without shoes.......i mean i never did that.

actually, shoelaces can even get caught in the chain and wrap around it as you pedal and end up twisting your foot and bringing your bike to a very abrupt halt. it happens.

but it has been years since i've ridden a bike- with the exception of taking tyden's for a spin every now and then just for the entertainment value for the children.
which may have happened last night.
for some reason they think it's hilarious to watch me wobble around peddling with my knees up by my chin.

but i do have to say that after a few races with shaeya i was really getting good...
in fact tyden may have had to pry his bike away from me.

and i'm feeling it today- i don't think they make bike seats like they used to.

and here's the fat one.....miss 90/4 :)

such kissable cheeks, aren't they?

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