Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Zoo

another great (tekoaless) session at wiswall.

i'm slowly learning names- tanija, nakira, rakiya, kayanna.......
they spend lots of time laughing at me while i try to get them right.

this week tanija (she's probably about 7) came up to me and said, "i wish YOU were my mom....."
i told her, "that would be fun, but you probably already have a mom, right?"
"yea....i do.
but you could be my STEP mom. would you? please? would you be my step mom?"

what do you say to that???
i wish i could take half of them home with me- i just need a bigger van.

yep, still waiting on that one.......

i think it's about time, don't you??

that was us today. we went to the zoo.
it would have been a lot of fun, but it was so HOT and CROWDED. and tekoa was awful.

i had the baby in the sling, tekoa and ava in the wagon, and tyden and shaeya walking beside me.

sounds easy, doesn't it?

except the sling made wren and i way too hot- i was dripping sweat.
tekoa would not stay in the wagon- or any where close by. she kept trying to join other groups, and wouldn't come when i called her. i seriously need a leash!!! everybody tells me that- even strangers.

tyden was mad that i wouldn't let him pull the wagon (i tried to let him, and he about ran over my aunt rhonda while going down a hill) and shaeya was SO HOT and SO THIRSTY and her legs were SO TIRED!

i think there were like animals and things there- i just never really got to see any :)

next time we'll go in the fall. with dave.

a rare smile without threats or bribes from shaeya

poor #4

okay, so we did have SOME fun in the midst of the chaos.

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