Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Tuesday

well, i think my last post must have made my mom pretty nervous, cause she called today and asked if she could take tekoa while i went to wiswall :)

it was so nice to go without her- much less stressful.
and i had a great time with the kids today. we had a good crowd, and they are starting to learn my songs- which is so fun for me.

i don't mean to make my blog only about wiswall- there's a whole lot that goes on in between tuesdays.

for starters, the girls and i spent an entire week alone last week while the boys went on a fishing trip with the kellenbergers. it was.....long. we missed our boys- but we did have some good times.

i think it was good for me to get the hang of juggling the needs of the girls alone, so now when dave comes home from work he's not hit with so much.

i let the girls sleep in my bed with me every night, and they loved that.
me, not so much- shaeya couldn't get close enough and tekoa bangs her head- need i say more?

sunday morning was a challenge- getting us all ready for church by myself. especially the part where tekoa climbed in my shower and coated herself in baby magic, and also when shaeya decided to paint her eyebrows black with my eyeliner.

but i was thrilled for tyden to get some time with his dad.
it was the longest i've ever been away from him- i've left him for 2 nights, 3 different times in his (almost) 8 years. but i think it was good for him- he seems a bit more independent.

and- besides the trip- we've been spending lots of time at the pool- i decided it's way easier to pack up and get out everyday than to stay home- the older kids get so bored at home, and there's not much that tekoa can get into or climb on at our little fenced in pool. i just feel bad for wren, who sits in the shade in her carseat most of the time. but, at least we're never there for TOO long, and i make up for it when we get home :)

speaking of wren- she's getting fat! it was really sad for me at first, because she's growing so fast, but now i'm loving the chubbyness. and she's finally growing some new hair on the top of her head :)

today she had a bumbo seat bath after wiswall- why have i never thought of that before? genius.

don't you just want to pick her up and kiss all that fatness??

and katelyn- this one is for you...........
i am most definitely NOT letting my kids watch a movie on a beautiful summer evening JUST so i can catch up on my blogging.........that would be disgraceful.

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  1. disgraceful indeed- good thing that's NOT happening. I love love the Wren fatness and think you're doing a good job of treasuring all of your children's ages and stages, despite how quickly they speed through them. *sigh. You definitely are an example to me. Also- the Bumbo idea- genius for sure! I am definitely not kind of mad at myself for not thinking of that on my own- and the pool idea too- see you soon :)