Saturday, June 28, 2014

So we have been a bit swallowed up in life over much going on......I'm sad that I've let the blog slip!

Here is my quick catch up!

-guess we are going to be on TV :)
we start filming 9 more episodes in just a few days......crazy.....and one episode will be filmed at our house. Praying that we will be drawing from Jesus and not from the world, and that we will show His love and His heart TO the world.

Lake Life is ours in case there was any question...;)

-our kids are growing and changing so quickly!  They keep me very busy and they are my DELIGHT.  Love them so dearly!!! Tyden will be 13 in September!!! Shaeya is 10, Tekoa is 7, Wren is 5, and Neiko will be 4 in July.

-we have 13 cats.  no joke.  13.  Remember the days when I couldn't even keep ONE alive??
Haha we have learned a very important life lesson over here about getting cats fixed!! Both our cats had kittens, so we have 2 litters at once.  11 kittens.
You all know I am not an animal lover, but these kittens are awfully cute.....and they keep my kiddos very busy. :)
They will be up for grabs at the end of July so let me know if you want one! They are well loved!

Oh the beauty of loving another's as your own ;)

-while all my kids were at school this past year I started getting very immersed in worship and worship leading.  At home, at church, my aunt's church, and the Greater Peoria House of Prayer.
I've been on a journey with Jesus as He has been teaching me what it means be a worship leader and teaching me to drop the "performance mentality" that I have always struggled with.  He is so merciful and kind!!!
And I also learned how to play piano and Jesus blessed me with a beautiful Yamaha Keyboard.

                  House of Prayer

-we were so blessed a few months ago to have a beautiful foster baby named Kaylee for a week and a half.
she was a super sweet little 5 pound angel whom we had a very hard time letting go of!
Having her here has sparked a desire in us for more orphan care.

We were close to being given that opportunity with another Ka'Leigh and we were praying that she would end up in our home.  (This mamma was already dreaming of loving her and showing Jesus to her.)  And then there was a court case and some evidence was lost and she went back home to birth mom.  An unsafe home.
I am still praying and still believing that with God all things are possible.  Pray with us for Ka'Leigh! She will more than likely be removed again at some point and we are praying it will be sooner than later and that somehow she could end up here.

-Dave and I are feeling so blessed.  Full to overflowing.  Every day is a new adventure and we never know what's around the corner.  Our Father is so good and He is so trustworthy.  He is teaching us to let go of our sense of control and to let Him lead.  And He is so gracious to show us how, lead us, and help us.

We will be celebrating our 14th anniversary next month and we are so thankful for how far God has brought us.  He is so good.  :)

       I love this pic! A day in the life of him!!!      

                                                   Working at the church :)

Always getting my hair done! :)

Love these crazy kids!

Sunday School!

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