Friday, April 19, 2013

while I was upstairs this morning waking a sleeping Tekoa for school, Tyden and Shaeya were downstairs playing with Neiko. And I guess they wondered if they spun him around really fast if he could still run straight......and, well he can't.....

poor tyden and shaeya felt sooooo bad all day......

i first tried taking him to his pediatrician's office to see if they could take care of it there, but they told me i needed to go to the ER.  and i really didn't want to.  so we went to a prompt care instead.  
and they were great-  we only had to wait about an hour. and during that hour neiko was running around and getting into everything.  completely oblivious to the gash on his head.
and then, after filling out the world's hugest pile of paper work, they cleaned him up and glued him back together :) 
and i have to say, that glue is amazing  :)

i thought i was gonna have our first round of stitches ever, but thankfully we didn't! and hopefully we never will!!!

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