Thursday, January 10, 2013

i know i'm way behind here, but we've been BUSY!!! 
here's my attempt to recap :)

first, here's Dave's Christmas project- he made some fake doors out of barn wood for our entryway.  
i love it :)

and here's Neiko at his cousin Livie's "pink" birthday party :)
 he actually loved prancing around in that sparkly dress all night.....and he's loving looking at the picture right now :)
btw he is getting HUGE.  i can barely hold him and type....

this is our Christmas Eve picture :)

LaKisha and the kids came at noon and LaKisha helped me cook all day.  we were hosting Christmas Eve dinner for Dave's family.  we had a lot of fun together, and I LOVED watching her command my kitchen :) 
i think she has missed cooking....she doesn't have much opportunity for that at the Salvation Army. 

LaKisha had to work the week after Christmas so I had her kids during the days.  
we had fun :)

I asked Cornell to put Neiko's puffy vest on him.  and he put Tyden's vest on Neiko.  it was so cute to see Neiko walking around in it like nothing was wrong :)

we had a play date with some second cousins.  
i'm so thankful for the people who let me come over with my many children!! :)

nothing like a little girl with a big gun....:)

while we were driving home from Christmas at grandma's Tekoa kept asking Dave if he could hurry. "Can't you go any faster daddy?  can you hurry?"
finally he asked her why he needed to hurry, and she said, "cause all the icicles in my pockets are melting!" :)

here's wren with her "funny bunny" :)

wren is entering into the "many questions" phase of life.....
how do we get money, where does the moon go during the day,  where does Jesus live, why do people have to sleep, etc
it's still cute at this point but i remember very clearly how quickly it gets old....

i found this in Shaeya's journal.  it's so awesome to see God at work in her heart.  she is such a sweet, sweet little girl.....

after New Years Dave and i went to Kansas to visit his family and celebrate Christmas with them.  we went to Kansas City first to visit Dave's older brother at IHOPU.  we got to see the school and visit the "Prayer Room" where they have worship going on 24/7.  it never stops.  pretty amazing!!

who says you can't sleep 7 people in one hotel room??

and then we were off to Viola, Kansas to stay in my sister-in-law's parent's home with the whole fam! :)

we visited a dairy farm- with lots of questions from wren about milk and where does it come from and how does it get to the store and why do we have to buy it and why do we even drink milk.....:)

it was super fun for the kids, but i think they were most excited about the farm cats :)

all the cousins! 

and these kids love to SING! so fun! :)

it was the Christmas that just kept on giving this year.  it was fun and amazing and memorable.........and i'm so glad that it's all done and life can slow down a bit.  :)
this is our third day back into the school schedule and it's been a crazy week.  we are still adjusting. 
and as much as i LOVE LOVE LOVE having my older kids around, it's nice to have a few quiet moments around here while the older ones are at school and the younger ones are napping.

Happy 2013 to everyone! 
I pray that this year brings us deeper intimacy with our Savior, generous hearts, a greater ability to love like Jesus, and a whole lotta fun :)

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