Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12 today.  feels like i have been living in Christmas mode for much longer than 12 days.
but it should all be pretty smooth sailing from here on out.
the gifts are bought and wrapped and mailed.
the stockings are hung- and one of them was re-hung (on a broken stocking hanger) after a minor incident with a 2 year old boy's lack of impulse control.....
Christmas cards are taken care of (so sorry i didn't mail any out this year- just handed out a few- but you can see it here on the blog!)
the ingredients are bought for the neighborhood Christmas Eve cookie exchange.
songs have been practiced- ok a little more practice is needed yet- for a couple Christmas performances.
the toy room has been de-cluttered and re-organized- THAT was a 4 hour process- and old toys have been donated.

i've gotten the 3 older kids off to school, wren is sitting on the couch with an ipad, and i'm typing and tossing a football to neiko at the same time.
so i'm enjoying a semi-quiet moment with my computer and a peppermint vanilla coffee (which has almost been obliterated by the football a few times, but hey, i'm ok with living on the edge.)

my 3 main goals for the day are simply these-
*love my husband and kiddos- and show it- no matter what.
*grab a load of food from midwest food bank and store it here to be organized and delivered to needy families for Christmas.
*find someone (or multiple someones) who would like to earn another jewel in their crown by babysitting 5 perfectly behaved, very sweet and loving children so that dave and i can leave town for a night for my birthday.  next weekend.

i know, i set very high goals for today.
but you just never know.....with God all things are possible.....:)

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