Tuesday, May 1, 2012

and he did it again!
apparently this is going to be an issue....

along with his roll of garbage sacks for his diapers.....

and the baby powder on the changing table...

and tyden's secret stash of candy.  he found that twice last week- and opened and tasted almost every piece between the two days.... 
poor tyden.  but i don't know why he likes to save his candy instead of just eating it :) 
but i bet he'll start eating it from now on!

so we have 3 days before the adoption and our little adoption party and this is going on....

and OH MY WORD my house is a mess!!!! everything is coated in dust!!! even the kids!! :)
somehow i have to get things back in shape before we have our friends and family here for the post adoption party on friday!  
but who really cares, right?  i'm soooooo glad to have one more thing to cross off our list of unfinished projects, and i'm soooooo excited to celebrate neiko's adoption!
and i'm sure none of our guests will mind wading through a little dust that day.....right? 
i'm sure they will understand if i'm too busy chasing around my sweet, hilarious, mischevious little boy and his 4 siblings to worry about having my house perfectly clean.....

tea party! :)

this is wren's attempt at roasting her own marshmallows.  pretty sure when she deemed them "done!" that they weren't any warmer than when she put them on the stick :)

our bunny is still alive.  he is veeeeeeeeery loved.
he is either the world's most relaxed rabbit or he's given up on life.
he is being held every minute that the kids aren't eating or sleeping.  and he just lays in their arms.

it keeps the kids so entertained! and they help with food, water, and poop duty-  and so, so far it has been completely worth it.
the only downside is sharing 1 bunny between 5 kids plus neighbors and friends.  that gets a little rough at times, but it's good for them to learn to work it out. :)

our tragedy from last week- 
poor tekoa got her bike ran over.  the barbie bike.  the girl LIVED on that bike, and was already doing all kinds of crazy tricks on it.  and had just gotten a new matching barbie basket for it.
i couldn't tell you why she decided to park the bike right behind a truck at the END of our driveway.  but sadly, she did.  and there have been quite a few tears shed over it.  

we totally have a spare bike that we keep for when we have friends over.  so i took the training wheels off of it and put the barbie basket and streamers on it thinking, "problem solved!" but apparently, "it's just not the same...." 

i tried to give her a little speech about how sad things are always gonna happen and how we have to just make the best of them and choose thankfulness and joy, but i'm not sure of how well it was received :)

she's slowly getting over it. 
it helped when her dad pumped the tires up to help it go a little faster- 
now all we need is some pink spray paint and barbie written on the side....:)

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  1. ummm, you may want to check that bunny for a pulse...and knowing your pet history and all...well just check the bunny.

    on a more serious note, when my kid's stuff gets broken it's always a perfect opportunity to talk about where our treasure needs to be, Jesus never lets us down:)
    Ur Favorite Aunt.