Thursday, June 16, 2011

i am soooo behind on the blog. i have a million and one things going on and i'm just too tired to get it all out, so i will give you a condensed version.

the first home study visit went great. we only have to have 2 more. plus all the finger-printing and physicals and copies of marriage and birth certificates.
the social worker concluded by saying that our children were very well behaved (thanks for the prayers!!) and that she appreciated our view of the adoption.
relief. i will not be as nervous for the next one :)

this week has passed in a blur of cleaning and working. i've been helping my family's company get another house ready for the parade of homes during the days, and then working on our house in the evenings.
the parade starts this weekend. and i think we will end up meeting our goals for our house but only because of some help from dave's parents and my brothers.

i LOVED being a part of things this week. i had some help with the kids, so i actually got to work with my husband. i laid hardwood, scrubbed garage doors, shop vacced, moved about 30 boxes of hardwood to the upstairs, and climbed up on scaffolding to help hang shutters and paint trim. and i had so much fun. seriously. it is AMAZING to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with working really hard and actually seeing an instant result. and to know that whatever i am doing will not promptly be undone. incredible.

the floor is almost finished on the main level, and the outside trim, shutters, and posts are almost done too.
tomorrow we should be ready to focus on cleaning things up and making it all look nice.

then it will be time to pack our bags cause we will be leaving for kansas early saturday morning. dave's brother's wedding is in wichita i think and it is a 10 hour drive.
so we will be driving 20 hours in one weekend with 5 children.
the upside of this will be that i can totally catch dave up on every little thing he's missed over the last year. 20 hours should just about cover it ;)

all the funny children-related stories will have to wait cause i'm exhausted, and hopefully i can take time to take some pictures of the house tomorrow when it's all ready for the parade.

oh, and if you're going to come through for the parade, make sure you do it NEXT weekend when dave and i will be there!!

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